Axleback V1 - Nissan 370Z Z34 (2009-21)


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Axleback V1 for Nissan 370Z Z34 (2009 - 2021)

Can't decide on an exhaust system yet? The Remark Axleback offers a quick, clean and cost effective solution to REV up your Nissan 370z today. 

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Tip Options
RO- TS34-S Stainless Single Wall 
RO- TS34-D Stainless Double Wall 
RO- TT34-S Burnt Single Wall 
RO- TT34-D Burnt Double Wall 
  • 2009 - 2021 Nissan 370Z Z34
    *Compatible with REMARK Nissan 370Z Midpipe Kit (Please note : this product will NOT fit aftermarket exhaust system)
Exhaust Type  Axle Back Exhaust Bolt on 2pc 
Piping Diameter 2.5inch, 16 gauge, mandrel bent pipe
Tip Diameter 4.5inch tip design slant style tips
Piping Material  T304 stainless steel
Tip Material T304 stainless steel
Muffler Material High Flow Muffler - T304 stainless steel
Weight  Optimal weight reduction from the factory mufflers

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Great Axleback

Paired this with the fujimura H pipe midpipe. Sounds amazing and deep. Amazing quality on the welds, double layered tips look fantastic. This is definitely a quality piece. It’s basically a muffler delete (loudness wise) but refined with a nice deep resonated sound. No annoying resonance driving on the highway. Super impressed.

The VQ Roar!

First off, the fabrication quality of these mufflers are, dare is say it, quite REMARKable. All the bends and welds are clean and professional. The tips are sized so well that they look very clean with my 370Z. The mufflers are very light and a dramatic weight reduction over the stock mufflers. I’m will to bet that there is a horsepower increase for bolting these things on Especially knowing how much restriction is in the OEM muffler. No matter if your Z34 is all about performance or if it’s a show car, these are not a bad choice at all. Install took me 30 mins tops. The toughest part was taking the exhaust hangers off the stock exhaust. Lastly, The sound... 100% VQ Roar. Depending on your setup, these mufflers can be loud, but controlled at the same time. I’ve had mine for about 6 months and I would have to say that throttle level determines the volume of these mufflers. At wide open throttle, they are loud!!! However, speeds below 75mph, they are very well mannered and low. Most catbacks create a sound for the 370Z, these mufflers elaborate its original sound which sounds much more unique in my opinion. Overall, these mufflers are the exact answer for someone looking for a great, yet cheap exhaust upgrade. These are best in business, hands down. If you own a NISMO 370Z, don’t waste your money buying a crazy expensive exhaust unless your going with forced induction. NISMO H-Pipe with the Remark Mufflers is all you need to match quality with performance and sound.

Elegantly loud

If you are looking for a quality budget friendly axle back surely this is it. Very happy coming from a single exit 350Z and a muffler deleted/resonated test piped 370Z this is not a cheap immitation. From the welds, to the overall look and sound, you will tell the difference instantly. Loud yet elegant tone under WOT.