Sports Touring Exhaust (4" Catback) - Subaru Impreza WRX (VB) 2022+


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The flagship exhaust system for the Subaru WRX (VB) 2022+. Designed specifically for the 2.4L FA24F turbocharged WRX to be free flowing, and produce a powerful tone. This version is offered without a resonator on the midpipe. If you are looking for a quieter version, click this LINK.

Our catback system was developed from a blank slate. Meaning, we had no restrictions to piping layout, muffler or resonator placement, flange placement, etc... This allowed us to find the optimal path for the 25%+ larger diameter piping to allow for the most ground clearance. As well as flange placement for ease of installation and clearances. When comparing the piping layout for the complete catback Sports Touring system versus our OEM upgrade midpipe, and axleback kit, you will notice:

  • The piping is tucked up closer to the chassis on the Sports Touring system
  • There are less bends to improve exhaust gas flow and reduce back pressure

 NOTE: Sports Touring catback is NOT compatible with our other axleback products as the position and angle of the flanges is different as you can see below. REMARK axleback and midpipe kit follow the layout and flange position of OEM parts.


Resonated vs. Non-Resonated

We offer our Sports Touring catback system in four variants. Two variants include a resonator on the midpipe which will help to further quiet down the exhaust. The difference in loudness and tone is noticeable but not drastic. When deciding, also consider what other exhaust system and engine mods you have or plan to change. A high flow downpipe, larger turbo, intake, ECU tune, etc... can all effect the tone and loudness of the exhaust. If drone is a major concern, the resonated midpipe is suggested. 


Part Number
RK-C4076S-02 Non-Res Stainless Steel
RK-C4076S-02T Non-Res Burnt Stainless
RK-M4076S-02 Non-Res Replacement Part
RK-M4076S-02C Resonated Replacement Part
  • 2022+ Subaru WRX [VB]
Exhaust Type  Cat Back Exhaust Bolt on 4pc design
Piping Diameter 3inch piping to 2.5inch Y-piping design
Tip Diameter
  • Large 4inch tip design
  • quad slant cut tip style
  • Laser engraved logos
Piping Material  T304 stainless steel
Tip Material T304 stainless steel
Muffler Material T304 stainless steel
Muffler 2 REMARK proprietary designed mufflers
Welding Hand crafted high quality tig welding
Weight  Optimal weight reduction from the factory mufflers
Mid-Pipe Option Resonated or Non-Resonated Option
Tip Option Stainless Tips or Burnt Stainless
*Replacement part, includes gaskets and hardware. Not compatible with OEM, or other brands of Midpipes. This is intended for replacement or alternative. If you have non-resonated, and now want the resonated version or vice-versa.

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Customer Reviews

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It’s kind of perfect.

Just like gym bros always ask “What’s your bench bro?” Gear heads always ask “yeah, but how is the drone?”
I’ve had this exhaust for a few months and at first I was a little disappointed because although it sounds good, it sounds too muffled. It’s not super aggressive or loud, but the good thing is it’s too perfect to change. The drone is there, but even my parents (50+) don’t mind it on a trip. It kind of leaves you wanting a bit more, but more means more of everything (including cabin noise and drone) which is why I think it’s kind of perfect! It’s enough to satisfy without regretting it from time to time like some other louder systems. Definitely one of the better catback systems I’ve experienced.