GTI Mk7 Flash back Friday!

GTI Mk7 Flash back Friday!

Remark Inc

Flash back Friday with REMARK Pandem Volkswagen GTI from SEMA 2017 and Super Lap.

We joined forces with our friends at GPP (GReddy Performance Products), DSport, and Scott Speed to build this beautiful vehicle for SEMA and race at Super Lap.

When you hear, Pandem (Rocket Bunny) you don't really imagine Volkswagen. 
That's where we did something different. Staying away from the typical Pandem vehicles you see on the streets, and bringing something you don't see at every car show.

The Volkswagen GTI MK7 at the time, was the newest generation of the GTI. 
The factory vehicle setup was pushing 220-horsepower with 2.0-liter turbocharged engine. This was a great platform to start off snd evolve around it. 

Also, we had in mind of what our driver would be more comfortable driving at Super Lap/GTA. Scott Speed at the time was driving a Volkswagen at Global RallyCross. 

DSport is known for their magazine's, but real enthusiasts are amazed by their engine building. They have planned out and created a great set up with APR technology.

APR 2.0T EA888 Gen 3 Crate Engine

If you like to read and learn more about this GTI's engine, check out this article from DSport:

SEMA 2017

Photo by Speed Hunters | Paddy Mcgrath

And of course, we are using our REMARK Catback system for this build at the SEMA show 2017.

SUPER LAP | Global Time Attack
This was Scott's first time driving this machine and getting to know what the vehicle can do.
Adjusting the setups from Scott's feed back at the track was little difficult fighting with the heat and time.
But he managed to throttle through taking home 2nd place in FWD Limited Class.

Kenji Sumino President from GPP tuning in the vehicle.

Scott Speed talking to Phil Chase (GPP) and Mike Kojima (Team Dai9) about suspension setup.

 Video from MotoIQ:

Video by MotorTrend:

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Speed Hunters full gallery: