Replacement Exhaust REMARK Gaskets


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REMARK exhaust replacement gasket. 
Please use drop-down menu to select the gasket type.

2.5 inch (63.5mm) gasket

  • Type 1, Part Number: 65C2-S02, (previously 65M2-S02)
    - REMARK Subaru WRX/STI VA Axleback (except SPT)
    - REMARK Subaru WRX VB Axleback
  • Type 2, Part Number: 65C2-01, (previously 65M2-S01)
     - REMARK Infiniti Q50/Q60 Axleback
     - REMARK Nissan 370Z/ Z Axleback
     - REMARK FRS/BRZ/86 Axleback & etc.
     - REMARK 2.5" Catback 

  • Type 3, Part Number: 65C2-S03
     - REMARK FRS/BRZ/86 Axelback connection to factory
      (section connecting to factory midpipe)

  • Type 4, Part Number: 65M3-S04:

  • Type 5, Part Number: 65C2-T05: 
    - Bolt hole for M8 bolts.
    - REMARK Subaru BRZ & Toyota FRS / 86 / GR86 midpipe
  • Type 6, Part Number: 65C3-H04
    - Midpipe to OE front overpipe of Honda Civic Type R (FK8), Civic Si (Sedan/Coupe), Civic EX/ EX-L/ Touring/ Sport, 

3 inch (76.2mm) gasket

  • Type 1, Part Number: 76C2-01: 
    - REMARK 3" catback piping gaskets (Subaru, Honda, Toyota, & etc.)

  • Type 2, Part Number: 76C2-02: 
  • Type 3, Part Number: 76C2-03: 
    - Universal sizing with oval bolt hole. Perfect for matching other brands of exhaust.
  • Type 4, Part Number: 76C2-T03: 
    - Bolt hole for M8 bolts.
    - REMARK Subaru WRX/STI midpipe
  • Type 5, Part Number: 76C3-H01
    - Honda Civic Type R (FK8/FL5), 3" front overpipe to downpipe 
  • Type 6, Part Number: 76C3-H02
    - Honda Civic Type R (FL5 and Special Order FK8), 3" front overpipe to 3" midpipe 


Metal Versus Composite Gasket Material

We are constantly updating our products to offer our customers the best possible parts and components. This includes simple components like gaskets. In 2023 we began to update from the metal type gaskets to thicker composite type gaskets. Therefore when ordering replacements, you might notice a difference from what was originally included with your kit. When ordering replacements, the most important aspect is the dimensions, and not the material appearance. Below is an image of the newer composite gasket at top compared to the metal type gasket. As you can see there is a slight difference in thickness. The thicker and more malleable composite material aids in improved sealing compared to the metal type. 

Gasket Comparison

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