How do I clean my Exhaust?

We get a lot of questions, about how we clean our exhaust systems.
We REALLY don't do anything special.

Here are some few tips and detailers we use!

We use very commonly sold car soaps, microfiber towels(automotive safe), auto detailers, and polishers.
After washing your vehicle with car soap (Brands like: Mothers, Meguar's, RainX, Griots, and Chemical guys) then wipe it down clean and dry!
And if you like to give your exhaust an extra wipe, here are some detailers we use!


*Make sure to use these products with clean microfiber towels.


  • California Gold Showtime
  • Waterless Wash & Wax

- Turtle Wax

  • Clean & Shine

- Meguar's

  • Quik Detailer Mist & Wipe
  • Ultimate Quik Detailer

- RainX

  • Waterless Car Wash & Rain Repellent

- Chemical Guys

  • Swift Wipe Waterless Car Wash


*Make sure to use these products with clean microfiber towels or polishing sponge.
*Hand wipe them and clean excessive amount.  

  • Quick-Glo (Fine)
  • White Diamond 

If you seen us at events, you may have seen us use Quick-Glo (fine)
This is one of our favorite polisher, and really easy to use. Quick-Glo is a paste type, and great on the road, and you wouldn't have to worry about spillage inside your car. Also, it's very small and easy to carry around!

Another polisher that is great is the White Diamond
The scent is very nice and works great!

* We DO NOT recommend using any of following items:
Household soaps and detergents, acidic cleaners, bleach, harsh wheel cleaners, home glass cleaners with ammonia, parts cleaner, brake cleaner, bathroom/beach towels, scotch-brite, steel wool, WD40, lubricants and etc.

* Also if you live in areas that uses harsh chemicals on the road during winter conditions, make sure to rinse off with water soon as you can to prevent surface damages and corrosion. Road Salt can speed wear and tear of your new exhaust system and your vehicle.