Axleback V2 - Nissan 370Z Z34 (2009-21)


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Can't decide on an exhaust system yet? The Remark Axleback offers a quick, clean and cost effective solution to REV up your Nissan 370z today.

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Tip Options
RK-A2063N-01 Stainless Single Wall 
RK-A2063N-01P Burnt Stainless Double Wall 
  • 2009 - 2021 Nissan 370Z Z34
    *Compatible with REMARK Nissan 370Z Midpipe Kit (Please note : this product will NOT fit aftermarket exhaust system)
Exhaust Type  Axle Back Exhaust Bolt on 2pc 
Piping Diameter 2.5inch, 16 gauge, mandrel bent pipe
Tip Diameter 4.5inch tip design slant style tips
Piping Material  T304 stainless steel
Tip Material T304 stainless steel
Muffler Material Oval Muffler - T304 stainless steel
Weight  Optimal weight reduction from the factory mufflers
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- REMARK Limited Warranty 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Victor R
370Z V2 Axle Back Exhaust

Just recieved it on 10/5/22 and had it installed on 10/7/22 and I mean it is Awesome!!! Total difference in sound
As it has a more deeper aggressive growl
To it!!! Also the performance 👏 is better being that it is not so restricted with air flow!!! And at any speed there is no (Drone)
That I hear at all. So for customers who don't know this V2 axle back exhaust is well worth the bucks....Thank you Remark for a job well done. I am totally satisfied and have no need for catback this one's a Winner!!!
Victor R.
Atl Ga


This is the sound you want! 2017 370z Sport Tech. Smooth sound. Not obnoxious, a very mature note from just the axle back. Quality is awesome. Burnt Tips are sexy. No drone. You can put it in top gear on the highway and it's quiet. Fitment is perfect no adjustments are needed. Worth it.

Jason Pama
Honestly Perfect

After running this exhaust for almost a year, I have to say I still never get tired of hearing it! I have the full catback system so from the axelback, midpipe, and y pipe. Quiet when you want it to be and loud when you want it to be. There’s basically no drone and the only time I have VERY MINOR droning is when I have my music volume low while in 5th or 6th gear at around 2500-3000 rpm which I don’t realize it’s there unless I pay attention to it. When I have the music up, I don’t even notice the exhaust noise/drone especially at highway speeds. I love how deep the system sounds and there is no rasp at all to it. I’ve gotten compliments and everyone seems to like the sound a lot. The quality of the welds and the product itself is super high quality and I would highly recommend this product to someone who doesn’t want to be too loud and have minimal to no drone. Thank you Remark!

Perfect !!

Tone is perfect nice deep sound with zero rasp, very little drone when cruzing and really opens up when you get into the gas. Fit and finish, overall quality is excellent too with beautiful welding.

Awesome work remark !!

McKinley Thomas
Quality Exhaust

I made the V2 burnt tips purchase along with the midpipe, the sound is deep and throaty. Really nice cold start sound. The welds are pure perfection also! I am about to purchase the Y pipe to complete the exhaust. I think all 3 sections of the remark is a no brainer.