Axleback - Lexus IS200T / IS250/ IS300 / IS350 [2017-2020]


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This REMARK axleback kit eliminates the muffler canisters, and thereby unmutes the exhaust note. The engine naturally produces a sporty and aggressive exhaust note, we just uncork it by removing the restrictive OE mufflers. This results in a more performance oriented sound, and look. The oddly shaped OE exhaust garnishes are removed, and replaced a pair of 3.5" tips on each side. 

Offered in four variants which differ in tip finish and construction:
  • Stainless - Fully polished stainless steel to a high luster
  • Burnt - Stainless steel is treated to add a spectrum of colors ranging from gold, purple, and blue. This is achieved through a chemical process for improved consistency, and does require more care when cleaning, LINK

SINGLE or DOUBLE wall construction
  • Single Wall - just has implied, the tip consists of a single layer of stainless steel. In general the appearance is considered more sporty as the tips look larger since there is not inner wall. It also looks and is lighter in weight.
  • Double Wall - the tip has an inner and outer layer of stainless steel. In general the appearance is more luxurious as the tip appears thicker since there is an outer and inner wall. This also means the edge looks and is thicker.
There is no difference in sound nor performance between the different versions of the tip design. For more images and diagrams of the difference in construction, click this LINK.

Our kit is a simple bolt-on replacement for the OE mufflers. No modifications are required, does not trigger any check engine lights, and does not effect vehicle emissions. Installation is simple and straight forward. No cutting, no welding. The factory mufflers and garnishes can be reinstalled easily at anytime. Full 304 Stainless Steel construction, and fully TIG welded by our expert craftsmen. Kit includes both right and left side, as well as required hardware for installation.

This product fits different models of the Lexus IS. It will sound different based off the engine size and type. In general, the IS200t sounds quieter due to the nature of a 2.0L turbocharged engine. The 2.5L V6 and larger 3.5L V6 models will generally sound louder. 
*This does not fit 2014~2016 Lexus IS models due to factory bumper/diffuser differences.
Part number
Tip Options
RO- TSE3-S Stainless Single Wall 
RO- TSE3-D Stainless Double Wall 
RO- TTE3-S Burnt Single Wall 
RO- TTE3-D Burnt Double Wall 
  • Lexus IS 200t / IS250 / IS300 / IS350 2017-2020
  • Fits RWD & AWD
Exhaust Type  Axle Back Exhaust Bolt on 2pc 
Piping Diameter 2.5inch, 16 gauge, mandrel bent pipe
Tip Diameter Quad 3.5inch slant cut tips
Piping Material  T304 stainless steel
Tip Material T304 stainless steel
Muffler Material T304 stainless steel
Weight  Optimal weight reduction from the factory mufflers
Hardware We have designed our flanges to fit factory midpipes correctly, due to that you will be: 
*You will be using factory Donut Gaskets 
*You will be using factory Spring Bolts and Nuts 

*This does not fit 2014~2016 Lexus IS models due to factory bumper/diffuser differences. 

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Customer Reviews

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Sounds great


Fast shipping and response

wow super !!!

I don’t usually leaves reviews, but I was so impressed with the sound and quality the sound perfect, with the quad tips its looks awesome,install could not have been easier. No figment issues at all . Highly recommend! Thank you!!!

Jeffrey Castillo
No Cap Review

I am a very picky individual and the smallest thing outside of my expectations would disappoint me to not want whatever it is at all anymore. I must say that Remark has done a phenomenal job with this and definitely brought tough competition to the table! I am very pleased with the overall sound and look. The only two things I wish were different is it would be nice to have a black tip option & for it to be just a little bit shorter because it does stick out a little to far for me though it still looks amazing. Asides that this exhaust sounds, looks and performs within the league of the best performance exhaust on the market! I would definitely recommend!

OMG! The Beast Has Awaken On My IS300!

End up getting the double wall stainless tips on my 2019 IS300 F-Sport. Took bout a month to get my exhaust but worth it. On the side note, taking out the stock was a pain but Toyota can do a better quality exhaust after examining their exhaust. Install was easy and took me bout 30 min using a ramp. Fitment was spot on and flawless like stock OEM. Gotta love bolt-on! Everything that came with the Remark exhaust was complete to get the job done from exhaust hangers to bolts. Was unsure at first about one of the review that had to use a different spring bolts but mine was a perfect fit from Remark for my car year. Been searching high and low and found my perfect exhaust that delighted me every time I take my car out. Yes, it's loud inside the cabin when I first got it but after a month driving, it tone down a bit as long you don't heavily step on the gas pedal unless it's on "Sports" mode per say. Invest your hard earn money on Remark exhaust and you'll be please with the results for your Lexus. LOVE MY IS300! Thank you Remark for supporting Lexus and keep up the good work. Get my 5-STAR!