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What's the difference between the Single Wall and Double Wall?

Remark IncSep 29, '21

"What is the difference between Single and Double Wall?""Which one is better?""Does it sound different?" "But which one should I get?"  Stainless Single, Stainless Double, Burnt Single, and Burnt Double. It's easy to tell the difference between Stainless and Burnt, but what's the difference between single wall and the double...

They are not interchangeable!

Remark IncJul 6, '21

We have been getting many questions if the Axleback Exhaust + Midpipe Kit and the Sports Touring Complete Catback Exhaust Systems can interchangeable. Unfortunately, the answer is "no".   The flange locations, piping bends, tubing length are different! That's is why they do not cross-fit with each other. The Axleback exhaust...